Coastal Waste Management’s Company Profile

Coastal Waste Management’s Company Profile

Responsible Waste Management and Recycling

Established in 2005, Coastal Waste has been providing quality waste management solutions including skip bins, recycling, hazardous waste and a range of other services in Perth, Rockingham, Mandurah and surrounding areas for over 12 years. Our core objective is to minimise the amount of waste that is taken to landfill by recycling as much as possible. By sorting recyclable waste from the skip bins we collect, processing the waste and reusing the products we recycle from our skip bins, Coastal Waste is able to achieve market leading environmental outcomes for its customers.

With increasing focus on environmental regulation, through the use of safe, efficient and modern equipment on our licenced premises, Coastal Waste is able to achieve exceptional levels of compliance.

Our Vision

Our Vision at Coastal Waste is to provide exceptional service without compromising value for our customers, the safety and welfare of our employees, or the environment while continuously seeking out opportunities to improve landfill avoidance practises and maintaining our focus on compliance.

Skip Bin Hire

Coastal Waste services a wide range of industry sectors including the domestic, construction, chemical manufacturing, heavy engineering industry sector and much more.

We offer the very best skip bin hire in Perth, Rockingham, and Mandurah – including cheap skip bin hire options, rubbish removal, and recycling. 

With a modern and growing fleet, including some of the latest model trucks in the industry and a range of skip bins, hook lift bins and other specially designed bins to suit the needs of our customers, Coastal Waste is able to provide solutions, regardless of the waste type.

Contact us for more information on the services offered by Coastal Waste, you’ll be surprised by what we can achieve together.



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