Company Profile

Company Profile

Responsible Waste Management and Recycling

Established in 2005, Coastal Waste Management has been providing quality waste management products and services for 10 years. Our main objective is to eliminate the amount of waste that is taken to landfills by recycling the vast majority of the waste. By sorting recyclable waste, we are adopting a Zero Waste Policy while being proactive in the preservation of the environment.

Our philosophy is to recycle and reduce landfill waste, and steer in the direction of creating a better tomorrow. We implement the latest in waste technology and are always looking for new and innovative ways to increase production and efficiency.

Waste issues are growing, therefore the vision at Coastal Waste Management is to adopt more accurate and exceptional methods of recycling and sorting materials. With the infrastructure we have to offer, any type of waste management system can be applied to your business or company.

We are licenced with the Department of Environment & Regulation as a waste-transfer station. We have been a member of the Waste Management Association of Australia since 2008. Currently, we are a small team with eight trucks and over four hundred various bins. We aim to grow our business by adding more trucks to our fleet and more bins to our product line over the next three years.

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