Why You Should Consider a Skip Bin Hire in Perth For Your Move

Hiring a skip bin helps you keep your rubbish disposal quick and easy. Moving can be messy and stressful, especially where chucking out everything you don’t need is concerned. You barely believe the amount of stuff we  accumulate in the home until it comes the time to move!

Coastal Waste Management, serving Perth, Australia, wants to make your move as easy as possible with their skip bin hire service. They offer 11 sizes of skip bins and hook bins and can accommodate all kinds of waste, from household to construction debris and even hazardous waste such as oils, paints, tyres and Asbestos.

Rather than pile all the rubbish up inside or outside the property, hanging about for people to trip on and get in everyone’s way, using a skip ensures all waste is safely contained. Simply transport the waste to the skip when sorting out the property, then have it collected when you’re done – it’s that easy.

Here’s all the reasons why you should hire a Coastal Waste skip bin in Perth for your house move.

1. Choose your size

Skips in Perth range from 2m² to 30m³ – storing as much as 60 trailer loads full of waste. Choosing the correct size is important – No pointhaving an industrial-sized skip taking up valuable space if you only need to dump a few items..  At Coastal Waste, we will go out of our way to make sure you select the correct size skip bin.

2. Keep the area safe

It’s important to never leave debris strewn around your property, as it can potentially cause accidents and create hiding places. Having a skip bin on hand to dump everything that needs throwing out keeps it separate from the rest of your removal work and safely out of everyone’s way meaning no trip hazards. Once it’s in the skip, you don’t need to worry about it again – the entire skip will be removed by the professionals, meaning you can forget about it and continue with the rest of your work, while Coastal Waste takes care of recycling as much of your waste as possible.

3. Quick delivery and removal

If they are called early in the morning, then most of the times, Coastal Waste can arrange for one of their skips to be with you on the same day. This ensures you can complete your work with the least amount of hassle in the most efficient manner possible.. Simply load up the bin and the team will remove it for you as soon as you’re ready and have called to advise them that the bin is ready. Job done!

4. Environmentally friendly

Having a skip bin means that your waste is not littering the area on the ground and potentially polluting the environment. Not only this, but all your rubbish is then sorted through to be either disposed of or recycled. Coastal Waste makes it their aim to recycle as much as possible, to reduce the amount of waste that is poured into landfill each year. Using a skip bin ensures your waste is filtered out in the most environmentally friendly way, so you can relax in the knowledge that you’re doing the most you can to protect our environment.

5. Efficient and convenient

Besides storing the rubbish out of sight, hiring a skip means you don’t have to load up your own car or van with dirty waste to take it to the waste facility site yourself. Coastal Waste makes it simple, safe and efficient, just call when the bin is ready to be collected and the truck will be there to collect your skip bin in Perth.

6. Saves your time and money

Think of all the effort and expense it would require for you to take heavy old appliances, beat-up furniture, bits of scrap metal and wood, and more to the dump all by yourself – it would cost you a fortune in fuel and disposal fees, plus takes up your valuable time that you could be using for moving your wanted items. Hiring a skip leaves the work to the professionals so you can move to the bigger jobs!

As well as this, Coastal promise that their bin prices are extremely fair and are charged on a per-empty rate – there’s no other hire or tipping charges, just one fee. They don’t charge for credit card purchases and offer the most competitive rate in the Perth area. We hope you consider skip bin disposal for your house move!


Coastal Waste Management services, based in Perth, Australia, offer various waste removal and disposal services, including skip bin hire. They have a Zero Waste philosophy, which means that they separate all recyclable material from waste collections to minimise the amount of rubbish going into landfill. Contact them today for any household or commercial waste disposal needs in Perth.


5 Reasons Why You Should Use Professional Rubbish Removers

Hiring professional rubbish removers ensures your job is completed to top quality and legal standards, while taking much of the burden off your shoulders. When doing a large job like renovating a building, hiring professional help to remove the waste gets things done in half the time so that you can get on with the important stuff.

Here’s all the benefits of hiring a professional rubbish removal company – like Coastal Waste Management – for your job.

1. Ensure things are done properly

Professional rubbish removers dispose of waste for a living – they know how to do things properly. It’s important to remove unsightly rubbish cluttering up your space as soon as possible, which gets in the way and could even be a health and safety hazard.

Removal services take care of this, ensuring you can complete your job quickly and efficiently without excess waste lying around. They will dispose of all the rubbish according to the highest levels of cleanliness and ethical standards, doing things with the law and recycling in mind.

They work around your busy schedule, completing the job as soon as possible so that they and the rubbish will be out of your hair. Simply call up to arrange a time, and specify the amount of waste that needs removing, so that they can arrange appropriately sized disposal vehicles.

2. Dispose of your rubbish legally

It’s sadly common for people to skip out on hiring help and dump their waste themselves – which can consciously or unconsciously lead to them disposing of waste illegally. Fly tipping is a crime across most countries in the world. In Australia, illegal rubbish dumping apparently costs one in ten councils up to $500,000 per year, according to Q-Star Technology. The same company said that the problem in the UK and the US is much larger, costing governments millions.

If you are caught committing this crime, the legal fees and fines you will pay will be much more than the disposal fees you would have paid to get rid of your trash legally and safely. You’ll also be polluting your home environment, causing danger for wildlife and other people around you. Always dump your rubbish legally at a designated tip, which will entail a small fee, but ensures your rubbish is disposed of properly, safely and ethically. Think of the environment and your neighbourhood before you fly tip.

3. Done-for-you recycling

Professional rubbish removers will recycle everything possible out of your waste as part of the service. Feel confident that the only rubbish going into landfill is the bare minimum that cannot be recycled. These services have the facilities to recycle everything possible, from paper and plastic to potentially hazardous materials.

This is a huge benefit of hiring professionals to do this job – people trained in the job know exactly what can and can’t be recycled in your rubbish dump. Hiring help means that nothing is sent to landfill that could be salvaged, reused and recycled, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and stay environmentally friendly.

4. Hire some helping hands

Got a big job that would take weeks if you were to do it on your own? Rather than trying to rope in friends and family, the friendly men and women that work for professional rubbish removers are here to help – it’s their job! What’s more is that they’re trained and experienced in sorting through, carrying, ripping apart, loading up and transporting your rubbish, all as part of the parcel.

They will leave nothing behind and ensure your job is completed satisfactorily and to the best business standards, leaving your property completely cleaned out with no trace of any rubbish left behind, so you can get on with the rest of your work in the blink of an eye.

5. It’s cost effective

As we said before, it’s much more cost effective to hire a rubbish removal service than risk dumping your rubbish illegally and face hefty fines in court, but it’s also worth your while as opposed to doing everything yourself.

Paying helpers to remove your waste saves you your valuable time, energy and resources; meaning you will get the job done much faster and will retain money in the long run. Their help will mean your project gets up and running much sooner – if the rubbish is a product of a commercial business, or making way for one, you’ll be able to get your business going and start making your money back much faster.

Coastal Waste Management are an Australian rubbish removal and recycling service based in Perth. They operate a Zero Waste Policy, aiming to dramatically reduce the amount of rubbish sent to landfill by recycling where ever possible. Contact them for quick and easy disposal of any business or household waste, and they will endeavour to send the least amount possible to landfill, for a better tomorrow.

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The annual bulk rubbish collection.

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