How to Make the Most of Spring Weekends

Au revoir Friday!! Helooo weekend!!

There must be something in the air on Spring weekends. You want to freshen up the house and have yet ANOTHER renovation idea. Hubby has FINALLY taken the hint and wants to spruce up the gardens. You know, the same gardens that you have been nagging him to clean up for pretty much the whole of winter!! It will cost you a few beers for that yard clean up but, at least he is getting on to it. And you may even be wondering about how to get rid of unwanted household goods? Even though these projects are tiring and may take up a whole weekend, it’s worth it when you reap the rewards. You have had a vision of your renovation in your mind for months and can finally make that vision a reality, or even the simple things like having the family over for a good old barbie can be rewarding. But all these projects generate a lot of waste that would require the services of a waste management company. Whether you need Bin Hire near me, trained personnel to assist with the rubbish removal or hiring a bobcat then Coastal Waste has you covered. They will provide you with quality waste management products and services, and they are driven to eliminate the amount of waste that is taken to landfill.

skip bin hire perth

Do I really need a Skip bin hire in Perth?

Whether you are completing a residential or a commercial project, you are more than likely to generate waste. Your normal household bin is not suited and is too small. You may attempt to do the trip to the tip yourself but, firstly you need to hire a trailer big enough to fit it all in and in most cases,  you may need to do multiple trips depending on the size of the rubbish. Let’s face it, by the time you add the cost of the trailer hire, fuel cost for multiple trips and your time you start thinking that hiring the services of a rubbish removal company sounds good. Coastal Waste is a company you can rely on. With fantastic prices, safe practices and environmentally focused solutions makes them the #1 company to choose.

What type and size skip bin do I need?

Coastal Waste’s skips range from 2m3 to 10m3. Depending on the size of your project Coastal Waste can offer their friendly advice on the size best suited for your project. They also provide hook lift bins ranging from 12m3 to 30m3. Quite worrying if your renovation project requires a hook lift bin, nevertheless they can provide you with one.  

Coastal Waste will accept general mixed waste into their skip bins but, it is important what is going into the skip bins as some items are not allowed.  

Why should I choose Coastal waste?

Hiring a skip bin should be a breeze, Coastal Waste’s online book a bin system is just that, a breeze!!They have made the entire process stress – free and you can be sure that you are dealing with experts in the waste management sector. Above all they are ecofriendly, their zero-waste philosophy and recycling program helps keep your waste out of Perth landfills.