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Residential rubbish removal in Perth

Residential waste management that is cost-effective and environmentally friendly

It’s always good to know that your property is waste-free. Coastal Waste Management provides Perth residents with residential rubbish removal services that all waste is properly disposed of.

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List of common residential waste

How can we help you?

Our main objective is to eliminate the amount of waste that is taken to landfills by recycling the vast majority of the waste. By sorting recyclable waste, we are adopting a zero-waste policy while being proactive in the preservation of the environment. Part of our services include providing residential dumpster rental and trash removal services.

We offer waste bins and mini skip hire, in varying sizes and shapes. Our skip selection includes:
2m² – takes ± 2 trailer loads
3m³ – takes ± 3 trailer loads
4m³ – takes ± 4 trailer loads
6m³ – takes ± 7 trailer loads
10m³ – takes ± 12

We also offer fast removals services for your household, garden and building rubbish.

Why use residential waste removal services

By hiring professionals, like Coastal Waste Management, for home rubbish removals, you can help your property achieve the goal of zero waste, doing your bit to help preserve the environment.


We service the following locations:

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